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Chris’ Wine Pick of the Week

Ah, Syrah.  One of the world’s great red wines – deeply colored, full-bodied, powerfully-flavored, food-friendly, and typically less tannic than the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon.  Known in Australia as “Shiraz,” this Rhone Valley-style varietal first came to California in the 1970s and has thrived ever since.  Not surprisingly, it’s one of the main grapes grown

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Bethany’s Wine Pick of the Week

Posted in Wine of the Week by admin

What do you do when it is summertime, and you want a lighter wine, but it is not blisteringly hot, and red still sounds good? Hart Winery has the perfect light bodied, flavorful Red wine in their Grenache. I was thrilled to pick a wine from Hart Winery. It is one of the oldest wineries

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Bethany’s Wine Pick (Plus a recipe from the winery owner)

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There are so many great wines in Temecula Valley and the surrounding area. Sometimes it is hard to pick a favorite. Gershon Bachus made it a little easier this week. The Wine Company featured a tasting of Gershon Bachus wines at Tuesday’s Counter Club. Owners, Kenny and Christina Lesch were there, and brought five wines to share.

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